Correct Your English Errors in 10 Minutes a Day!

Small Changes for BIG Results | taught by Rebecca Ezekiel

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Do you want more success in your career?

Do you want higher scores on your IELTS or TOEFL?

Do you want to speak and write English confidently and correctly?

Correct Your English Errors in 10 Minutes a Day will upgrade your English easily and quickly. You get the full online course for only US$15. Your program includes:

  • 60 short text-based lessons
  • easy explanations
  • real-life examples
  • daily quizzes
  • weekly reviews
  • monthly tests
  • a 16-page downloadable course summary

In just 10 minutes a day, you'll correct the most serious mistakes made by English learners in speaking, writing, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, and more.

The result? You'll speak and present more confidently. You'll write email more correctly. You'll score higher on exams, essays, and assignments. In short, you'll have a major English advantage for lifelong personal, academic, and professional success.

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to communicate in excellent, educated English. This includes:

  • intermediate and advanced English learners
  • IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, PTE and all English test-takers
  • business people, executives, and professionals from all fields

If you're serious about taking your English to a higher level, this course is for you.

Sign up now, and in just 10 minutes, you can start improving your English - for life!

Rebecca Ezekiel
Rebecca Ezekiel
Executive English Trainer & Consultant

Rebecca Ezekiel is an English communication trainer, writer, and consultant.

Over 30+ years, she has trained thousands of international diplomats, professionals, and students to transform their English for greater professional, academic, and personal success. She has also designed hundreds of training programs for corporations, governments, and academic institutions.

Online, Rebecca has reached a global audience of over 95 million viewers through her YouTube channel. 

She is co-founder of engVid, the world’s most popular free English learning platform.

Rebecca is passionate about helping people master English easily, quickly, and confidently, to optimize their global success.

Course reviews

"The idea of this course is absolutely genius. It has answered a lot of my doubts and questions about learning English. It has great short explanations and sentences samples." - Gabi S

"This course is addictive! I wait to do it every day!" - Erica L

"Ideal for 10 min/day format. Examples and explanations are catchy and easy to understand. Neat design, amazing pictures!" - Leonid K

"Good that there is a quiz every 5 units. Keeps you in shape." - Raj S

"When you are advanced ESL student, it is hard to improve or find your mistakes.  This course helped to cover gaps in my English. I loved the units like: job/work, bring/take, SVO etc – they are small enough to miss when you study, but very important to improve your language." - Sveta P

"I do this course every day on the bus! It helps me to fix many problems I didn’t know I have! Now I’m writing better email, and I’m speaking with more confidence. Today my boss told me I am speaking better, and that is ultimate proof. Thank you!" - Ahmed A

Course Curriculum

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REVIEW: Units 1-5
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REVIEW: Units 6-10
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Unit 14: look forward to meeting & look forward to meet
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REVIEW: Units 11-15
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REVIEW: Units 16-20
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TEST: Units 1-20
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REVIEW: Units 21-25
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Unit 28: where is it & where it is
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REVIEW: Units 26-30
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REVIEW: Units 31-35
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REVIEW: Units 36-40
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TEST: Units 21-40
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REVIEW: Units 41-45
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Unit 48: although, though, even though, despite, in spite of
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REVIEW: Units 46-50
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REVIEW: Units 51-55
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REVIEW: Units 56-60
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TEST: Units 41-60
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